24-Hour Towing

Concord Tow Service

It is 3 a.m. and the unexpected happens. You are driving down 601 and you hear a pop. Suddenly it is hard to control your vehicle. You put on your emergency lights and pull over to the side of the road. A flat tire! We have all been there before and we know that you did not foresee this trouble, especially at this time. Or perhaps it has been a long day of practicing your golf game at the range of Cabarrus Country Club and you find you have enjoyed one too many beverages from the bar? That is where we, at Towing Services of Concord, can help you!  With Concord being one of the fastest growing cities in North Carolina, we know that the bustling city life never sleeps and neither do we! Our 24 Hour Towing services are available around the clock, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week!

Why should you trust us with your vehicle? Simply put, we are the best! Any time you see one of our iconic, easily recognizable, and state-of-the-art tow trucks you know just what you are getting; conscientious drivers who care about your and your vehicle’s well-being.  All of our drivers have a valid driver’s license, as well as their commercial driver’s license (or CDL for short). They also complete a rigorous, in-house training program and come to you with previous towing experience under their belt. Not only they professionally trained, our drivers keep up to date on the latest techniques and technologies to help ensure that, when they get to you, the experiences is as quick safe as possible. Our drivers care and we proudly support local Concord natives and veterans in our hiring process.

What if it is the Fourth of July, or Labor Day? Easter, or even Christmas? Do not worry! We are dedicated to providing excellent service year round, whether it is an average Monday morning or on your way to Thanksgiving dinner. Our team of qualified dispatchers and drivers work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that you can be where you need to be when you need to be there!  We have learned from the best in the industry, following the example from friends of ours that offer towing service Phoenix.

Do not think that just because you are not the little guy we don’t have towing services for you! Our 24 Hour Towing Services applies to private residential and business properties as well! Do you find you apartment complex’s parking lot filled with unwanted or registered visitors after work? Are you tenants frustrated because they cannot park in front of their own home? Are you tired of your business’s parking lot being used a place for non-paying customers to leave their vehicle? Are bar-hoppers infringing on your property and you are worried about the liability to your dedicated customers? We will tow for you! No matter the time or place, no matter the type of vehicle, we will work around the clock to make sure that your property is open to those who deserve to be there! All of our drivers know the various property laws and your rights as a property owner which means you can rest assured that if we tow, there is a reason. It is your right!