Roadside Assistance

You have just finished a rack of ribs at The Smoke Pit and you are basking in that sweet meal afterglow when suddenly, oh no! You realize that you have left the lights on in your vehicle! After paying for your meal and making your way to the parking lot, you are met by disaster; the vehicle will not start. Who are you going to call to jump your vehicle? Not the Ghostbusters, but Towing Services of Concord! With a full array of equipment and training, our drivers are more than willing and able to help with whatever predicament you may find yourself in! We are able to jumpstart any vehicle, big or small, as well as run a quick and full diagnostic of your battery and alternator. If we think that you may have trouble in the future, our helpful team will be able to point you in the right direction! But we do not just jump vehicles, there is more!  Our full suite of Roadside Assistance services includes: Locksmith services, tire changes, fuel delivery, and travel maps, all with a smile at no extra charge!

Locksmith Services: We have all been there. Your phone is ringing, your kid has had a rough day at school, you’ve got a meeting coming up for your job, you don’t know what to get for dinner, someone cut you off on the way to the store, you’ve got to take Fido to the vet for his shots, your in-laws will be in next week and they don’t eat eggs when…click! Youi stare forlornly at your keys, sitting on your vehicle seat and there’s no way to get them. Don’t let this situation get you down! Call Towing Services of Concord! Our capable drivers possess the tools and skills needed for lockout recovery with minimal effect to your vehicle! No, we won’t have to break a window, drill out your lock, or remove your door! With a simple tool that can slide right down the inside of your window, we’ll have you back in the driver’s seat, with your keys in hand in record time, we guarantee it!

Tire Changes: Changing a tire can be time consuming at the best, frustrating and downright risky at the worst. If you find yourself stuck with a flat, whether in your driveway or on the side of the freeway, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our drivers will be glad to get that spare on lickety-split! In fact, it we changed your tire any faster, you wouldn’t be able to help but wonder if you’ve somehow found yourself in the pits at NASCAR’s Charlotte Motor Speedway!
Fuel Delivery: Down to the last drop, that’s what we always say! Except when it comes to your gas gauge! You thought there was a gas station coming up, or maybe that you could make it to the next rest stop when you find that you can’t go any further. We don’t just leave your vehicle stuck on the side of the road and your plans in shambles. We’ll bring the gas to you so you can fill ‘er up and get on going!